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The Semilla Project


Thirty BIPOC youth went hiking, rafting, backpacking, rock climbing and fly fishing in NM with the Semilla Project this Summer— many of them experiencing these activities for the first time. Guess how much they pay for this educational, healing summer program? It’s free, thanks to donors who believe in empowering our BIPOC youth!

A big shout out to donors that made Semilla Project’s summer program and The Return program possible! Teenage participants received free backpacks, water bottles, snacks, meals and materials for workshops. Thank you to Scarpa, Mountain Hardware and Semilla Strategies for their generous support!

Donations make it possible for BIPOC youth to gain valuable outdoor and leadership skills through Semilla Project’s summer program. Last year’s participants reflected on their experiences. One teen wrote, “Something new I learned is how to be a team. That when you have a team by your side, everything is better.”

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Participants of Semilla Project’s summer program raft, hike, climb and fish while learning about themselves and their connection to the land. Some BIPOC teens said they learned how to heal themselves; they appreciated time away from technology; they felt grateful that they weren’t having suicidal thoughts.

“I learned how to rock climb and face my fears.”

“I learned about our climate crisis and the many challenges that come with it.”

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