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Breath of My Heart Birthplace

2 min readSep 28, 2023

At Con Alma, we believe everyone should know about the amazing work our grantees are doing to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives in New Mexico. This week, we invite you to learn about a nonprofit in the Española valley, Breath of My Heart Birthplace, which works toward greater community wellness through the growth and reclamation of birth traditions and practices in northern New Mexico.

Breath of My Heart Birthplace has a FREE clinic on Mondays that offers easy access to midwives for a wide range of services. Same day appointments are available, and you do not need insurance or Medicaid. Visit to see the full list of services or call the office at 505–753–0505 to make an appointment.

They are also accepting new patients who are interested in a home or birth-center birth. The nonprofit honors birth as ceremony as well as families’ cultural traditions around the birthing experience. High-quality services include a perinatal community health worker and licensed midwives who provide caring, comprehensive appointments. Visit or call 505–753–0505.

A home birth has many benefits — individualized care, a greater chance for vaginal birth, and more informed consent and choice over your birth experience. Breath of My Heart Birthplace connects the birthing experience to cultural practices relevant to the families it serves. Breath of My Heart serves families within a one-hour radius from its Española clinic.

Did you know that Breath of My Heart Birthplace offers services beyond midwifery? The clinic has services for preconception, fertility consultations and intrauterine insemination. The clinic offers free weekly food distribution, postpartum care packages and community support groups, including one for young parents in the Española Valley and a monthly family support group.

Breath of My Heart Birthplace is seeking support for their Indigenous Midwife Apprentice program. They currently have three students from Pueblo and Acequia communities in need of financial support to become a midwife. It is vital that we have highly trained midwives from our Tribal and Land-Based communities to carry forward traditional midwifery. Donations to help provide student stipends for this Indigenous Midwife Apprentice Program are greatly appreciated!

Learn more at and donate here.