The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Organizations in New Mexico — Full Report

Nonprofit organizations make substantial contributions to the quality of life and economic well-being of the people of New Mexico. These organizations provide health care, social and educational services, advocate for social and environmental change, support businesses and communities, conduct research, support the arts and other cultural activities, and provide credit and basic utilities where the market does not.

How are state and local governments ensuring that nonprofits are able to access COVID Relief and Rebuilding stimulus funds as we begin to come out of our first year of coronavirus?

Given the size and impact of the sector, the failure to recognize fully the substantial role of nonprofit organizations in employment and wages is unfortunate. The sector is often overlooked in the formulation of economic development as well as education and employee training policy, limiting opportunities for the expansion of the sector and the broadening of its impact on the balance of the state economy. The purpose of this report is to help illuminate the economic importance of this sector so that it might be given the attention it deserves in future policy formulation.

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